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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooking Recipes To Make Mouth Watering Dishes #RecipesInternational

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If you are good with a variety of cooking recipes, you are surely the undisputed queen of the kitchen. There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious home cooked meal, with new dishes on a regular basis. You do not have to be an expert with food to be the best cook. All you need to know are the right recipes and how they can improve with your own personal touch. Some of the most scrumptious delights come from Italian and Russian dishes. You can try them out in your own leisure time, brining an exotic flavor to the dining table. Once you start preparing the meals, you can have anyone eating out of your hands.

When we talk about Italian food, we think of our favorite pasta and pizza flavors. However, Italy has a rich food heritage with some of the most enticing preparations. The classic Tiramisu cake recipe is a highlight of traditional Italian cooking recipes and a major attraction for anyone with a sweet tooth. For those who prefer spicy food, potato gnocchi (dumplings) dressed with tomato meat sauce is an excellent choice.

The ever popular lasagna is another dish from southern Italy, which is served the best, nestled between sheets of pasta. You can choose between different pizza and spaghetti options, most of which are easy to prepare at home. You cannot end your journey through the Italian cooking recipes without experimenting with risotto varieties. Dishes like the Sicilian cannoli and Ragu di carne are sure to give your kitchen a whole new feel.

You can move on to a whole new palette of tasty dishes as you browse through the Russian cooking recipes for your meals. Appetizers like the basturma (marinated beef) and Gregorian potato salads should warm you up for a filling surprise. Meat lovers can try out the beef stroganov with estouffade or mustard. Buzhenina or slow backed fresh ham and chebureki (lamp dumplings) are extremely popular choices. Blinchiki pancakes and Gregorian cheese bread or khachapuri can satisfy even the pickiest of food lovers. Vegetarians can turn to the Russian cooking recipes to find vinegret salads or borsches, sauerkrauts and pilafs. The syrupy walnut dessert called khalva or the honey candy known as gozinakh can help you relish your sugary desires.

A good cook should always have an idea of popular dishes around the world. If you keep on changing your meals and try out crowd pleasing dishes, you will be in major demand. Most of the ingredients used in the dishes can be purchased in local markets at affordable prices. You can even tweak the recipe, adding your own subtle touch during preparation.

Some dishes are also good for health conscious people who look to try out different diets. You should not make the food too bland or spicy, but always keep a balance to get the best taste. As you keep on learning about the wonders of food, you can also gain an idea about the useful properties of different substances. You should just follow the right cooking recipes and serve your way into the hearts of people.

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