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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vegetable Soup Recipe - Top 5 Weight Controlling Chinese Soup Recipes #RecipesInternational

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Vegetable Soup Recipe - Top 5 Weight Controlling Chinese Soup Recipes #RecipesInternational

Vegetable soups are a favorite for many people who are trying to lose weight because they are fillers that contain low calories. Provided with the proper vegetable soup recipes, you will become slimmer than you expect before you know it while taking good bites. This article is going to share the top 10 Chinese soup recipes that will facilitate your fat loss efforts.

1. Kelp and Bean Sprout Soup

Cooked with such ingredients as kelp, soy bean sprouts, carrots and tomatoes, this soup is nutritious and filling. It is worth mentioning that the kelp maintains the PH of the body more than 7 if you have it when you are losing weight.

2. Winter Melon Soup with Lotus Leaf

The winter melon is not only delicious and inexpensive, but also highly recognized as a top weight controller. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the winter melon helps with the secretion of fluids in the stomach, which will reduce the intake of foods. Besides fresh lotus leaves, it can also be cooked together with ginger slices.

3. Quick Vegetable Noodles

This soup is easy to make. It is done by adding some vegetables and an egg when the noodles are boiling in the pot. However, the weight related trick lies in the ratio of the noodles to the vegetables and the way you enjoy it. The amount of the vegetables should be twice or more of the noodles. Eat the vegetablesfirst.

4. Cabbage Soup with Onions and Carrots

Cabbage ranks the third on the menu recommended by the World Health Organization. It is nutritious, but contains low calories. This soup is not only tasty, but also good looking due to the combination of green and orange.

5. Vegetable Soup with Curry

The Indian curry powder, instead of the processed curry cube which is highly fatty, enhances the metabolism. Boil the vegetable stock with some water first. Then add some curry powder, tomatoes and some vegetables such as bell peppers and eggplants. It will turn out to bear special flavor.

If you expect the soups to play their weight-losing roles, do not forget about the following tips on how to enjoy the vegetable soup recipes:

1. Don't not add any fat or man-made seasonings.

2. The amount of cabbage, gourds or tomatoes used in the soups must be as high as possible. You can neglect the liquid part of the soups. But the vegetables must be eaten.

3. Natural seasonings such as peppercorns, chili and ginger can not only enhance the flavor of the vegetable soups, but also improve the metabolism. They can be used as often as possible

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  1. A lovely recipe, good in the winter and great for your diet.The great thing is soups can be made up of almost anything you like. it's healthy and cheap,also quick to do.
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