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Friday, September 11, 2015

Relishing Culinary Delights With Five Senses #RecipesInternational

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Relishing Culinary Delights With Five Senses #RecipesInternational

The same goes for ice creams garnished with nuts and fresh fruits, or a pizza that has cheese melting on its top, or simply a salad that has an assortment of fruits and vegetables combined artistically. So the presentation of food does matter in increasing its appeal. You would not really want to eat a dish that seems undercooked or overcooked by the very look of it.

The Aroma of Food

The good combination of ingredients and the right cooking time brings the right odour in a food. Even some uncooked eatables are liked by their smell. For instance, the citrus smell of fresh lemons in a glass of lime juice makes it more appetising. It is the aroma of just baked choco-chip cookies or a cake that often pulls you to your mother's kitchen on a lazy Sunday morning. Anyone can tell between food that smells rancid and one that has an appetising aroma. And so the smell does matter.

The Texture of Food

Foods have different textures as per the way they are cooked or simply the form that they are eaten in. A raw apple has a different feel than one that has been stewed for a dessert. The burger that you eat has different texture than the fries that you relish along with it. In cooking, texture of various dishes is important because people have pre-conceived notions about the foods that they habitually eat and can form an opinion about the taste expected from an eatable simply by looking at it. For instance tomato soup that is too watery does not seem as palatable as thicker soup.

The Sound of Food

This may seem a little weird to some but the 'sound' of food is also important in making it palatable or inedible. Would you like to eat chips that do not produce that crunchy sound when you bite into them? The same holds true for carrots, lettuce, apple, and other salad fruits or vegetables that do have a peculiar sound if eaten fresh. Similarly a soggy (and hence unpalatable) cookie will be noiseless when broken into two pieces but a well baked one will prove its crispiness by that quick audible sound.

The Taste or Flavour of Food

That is the final sense used to enjoy food. If the first four senses approve of it, you do like to relish the eatable further by savouring its taste. Foods can be salty, tangy, sweet, sweet and sour, and at times even a little bland. Even bitter coffee tastes great when prepared with the right combination of water and/or milk, or turned into creamy cappuccino.

Expert chefs know how to modify their ingredients and cooking techniques to ensure the right balance of look, aroma, texture, sound and taste in the meals that they prepare regularly.

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  1. Food should be enjoyed with all five of the senses: taste and smell are obvious, but sight figures predominately in every cuisine. In fact, it can be considered just as important as taste. The artful arrangement of food on appropriate and beautiful tableware adds so much to the enjoyment of the meal that it cannot be stressed enough.

  2. You have brought great points here. I have actually forgotten that the sound of food also makes it more tempting. Especially for those food that are crunchy, hearing that crunch between bites is appealing.

  3. You are right! Thanks for posting this, now I am reminded.

  4. A perfect dish must pass the criteria you have mentioned. yung The Sound of Food item, medyo nahihiwagaan ako bro.

  5. These are all spot on! I'm very meticulous on food as I would observe everything. Good thing you've pointed out everything that what I always do when I'm in a resto.

  6. Very on point ! A perfect dish is not just on the presentation of the food but also the aroma and the taste of it.

  7. I think we should be more aware of the different sensory delights of food. We appreciate food better this way.

  8. The crunchiness and the crispiness of a fried chicken is already tempting to me. More than with the smell and the taste.


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